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Armstreet models

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Slim fit bodice of the tunic emphasizes breast and waist while wide skirt with 4 additional gussets drapes with soft pleats. The skirt is hemmed with the trim as well as sleeves and neckline. Also the trim is used to decorate the lacing fastening at the fore part of a gown. Colour of the trim can be selected according to the desired colour of the dress.

Is made of thin unbleached natural linen. It can be put on with most medieval dresses or even worn on its own. Classic gothic silhouette typical for the european feminine fashion of the XIII-XIV centuries emphasizes breast and waist while softly draping hips.

Long and wide sleeves can be adjusted to any length up to biceps with the help of drawstring casing.

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This natural suede bodice corset has been designed specially for this costume. It's design half based on patterns and decorations of European renaissance corset and half on later period German and French bodices. This corset has easily recognizable slope shoulder line and stand-up half-collar. Waist is tightly swifted while breast remains almost free. Front lacing gives necessary flexibility and fine fit. Decorative rolled edges laced along bottom and arm-slits complete the look.

Important note: The dress from this set cannot be made in custom size for the chest circumference bigger than 49 inches cm. ArmStreet Team: Yes, this listing includes dress, chemise and corset. Hi, how does the dress look in the brighter red, and can I just order a standard size, like a small?

It is more the matter of taste and which colors you like in your wardrobe :. Do you also happen to sell the sewing patterns for the dress, chemise and the corset? I'd love to craft this costume myself. Yes, please check the video in the description of the listing where the dress is shown in green linen. I'm interested in purchasing the full set. Manufacture time is stated at days. Is there an option to possibly shorten that time, like an expedited option. We also recommend to select express shipping at the checkout.

I see below that this can also me made with the green sleeves narrow trim. I was also wondering if it was possible to create with a narrow trim version of the lady hunter trim? Is it possible to get a larger image of those two trim options with the brown trim also? Thank you! Sure, we can make it with Lady Hunter trim. You may see all our trims here. Your work is inspiring, your model stunning, and the photographer wonderful.

I'm an author and often do image searches to help my imagination.This necklace is a part of our "Archeress" character. Brass accents and rivets, handmade Celtic style etching, natural leather. The necklace is easily adjustable due to the softness of the metal. Can be made of brown or black leather, with brass or stainless steel accents and rivets.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions. Could the middle plate only the one with the birds! If that works for you, just add the request to the comments to your order. Are shipping charges separate per item? Thank you I love your work! We provide combined delivery. Delivery of each subsequent item in your cart costs less.

To estimate the postage, simply add your items to cart, and shipping charges will be combined automatically.


Can you please tell me the minimum and maximum sizes of the archeress neckless? Cheers, Pamela. ArmStreet: There are no size limits, we'll make it to fit your neck. Hi, I love your Archeress necklace and would like to order it.

Costume “Archeress”

I was just wondering is the model in the pictures wearing necklace made of brown or black leather? I'd like mine to be the same color as the one she's wearing but I'm not sure which one is it. Thank you Katri x. ArmStreet: Model wears brown leather necklace with brass accents.

You're welcome! Log in to our website to be able to post seamlessly. Rivendell Elves: Yes, it was made by us.

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We're deeply touched and honored to get such a high score for the work of the Elvish craftsmen. Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet! ArmStreet team: Thank you, Lila! Always welcome back to ArmStreet! Choose color Leather: Brown leather, Accents: Brass. Leather: Black leather, Accents: Brass. More colors.Over the years we have made a lot of pleasant acquaintances with models and photographers interested in Medieval, Renaissance times and fantasy photography.

These successful collaborations have brought us a lot of amazing pictures that we were happy to share on our social networks. But sometimes behind the role of a talanted model there is something much bigger — a unique lifestory of a human being, that was once brave and crazy enough to start living their dream!

So today we want to take you behind the scenes. I started out taking photos of everything I could, but I quickly noticed that the greatest pleasure for me is photography of people. It was about I think it was so that I saw all those beautiful photos and models not only made by me and suddenly I realized that yes!

I can also be a part of it! So why not try?

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But I liked it and wanted more, so you can see me now :. Is there a favorite role for you? Does anything connect all these images, apart from you being all of them? But recently I feel very well in a fantasy medieval style and I admit that it is largely due to your outfits, and red hair, as you can see on my photos.

I really love myself in this color, although I'm not able to do it on my hair at this moment, but at least I have a wig! As a photographer, at the beginning I photographed my friends, later I worked with amateurs on this platform.

armstreet models

I remember that I was very nervous, but the photographer was professional and very sympathetic. And for the first year, these photos were probably the best I had. And of course it was hard, I think still is. I had to prepare everything for photos, so I needed to learn makeup and other stuff.

But it was definitely worth it I think. What is your main motivation? Preparation of stylization, makeup, coming up with compositions, choice of background or retouching in Photoshop. The motivation for me is to strive for taking better pictures as well as discovering new places for shootings. Is there a particular period in the history of the Middle Ages you like more than others?

Are you more interested in mythology and fantasy worlds? Maybe that's why I like your clothes so much, because they are mostly inspired by medieval history, not accurate reconstructions.

What are your hobbies? And I'm a movie lover! What qualities one needs to have? The look is certainly important after all, the model works using the lookbut also an idea for yourself and your image, desire for development and a lot of self-denial. I constantly try to develop to be able to take various photos. I still practice my facial expressions and poses, because I try to act in front of the lens, not only stand there.Home Measurements.

How to measure yourself Please provide in inches or in metric system for your choice. Please note that all our models are conditionally divided into women's dresses, women's costumes, corsets and men's men's costumes, all gambesons and armor. Patterns are created taking into account the classic features of the female and male figures.

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If your gender is opposite to the model's gender in the photo — please mention it in the comments. Front body length — distance from junction of the neck with shoulder to the waist through the nipple. Back length — distance from junction of the neck with shoulder to the waist through the shoulder blade.

Hand circumference — measured around the knuckles at widest point Wrist — wrist circumference measured at thinnest point Hand length — distance from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist.

Please watch this video before measuring yourself. Knee — knee circumference measured around the widest part of the knee Under knee — circumference under knee Calf — calf circumference measured around the widest part of the calf Ankle — ankle circumference measured around the widest part of the ankle Foot length — measured from the outermost point of the heel to the tip of the longest toe of your foot Heel — heel circumference measured all the way around the base of the heel and where the foot bends Instep — instep circumference in the highest part of your foot; pass tape around the center of each instep from arch to instep above Foot circumference — foot circumference around the ball measured all the way around the widest part of the foot.Fantasy Florentine chemise in trendy colors.

Special deals on armour! Log in No account?

armstreet models

Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. March 16th,pm. Tags armstreet costumemedieval chemise. January 18th,pm. Tags armstreet costumecoatcostume. December 15th,pm. Tags arm armorarmorarmstreet armorleg armor. November 15th,pm. Proud to announce our brand new "Labyrinth" collection! Inspired by the Celtic and Irish styles, it helps to create a perfect Druidic look, and also suitable for countless uses.

Features pure wool and hopsack linen clothing complemented with a bunch of leather and metal accessories, adorned with intricate patterns.

HUGE MEDIEVAL HAUL - Clothing, Weapons, and more

Magically styled, it will call for sure the attention of folks around or hide from unwanted looks at your desire.

Fearless and reckless, the stranger of deserts and dunes is the hero of this saga, full of mystery and sacred rituals.

Instantly elevate the sophistication of your character's ensemble with these new items, looking so ancient but fresh in their pre-historic charm. Make a statement with no words - magic is closer than it appears with the "Labyrinth" collection! September 22nd,pm.Home Collections.

Autumn Princess A fresh, feminine collection that enhances the wearer with fine textiles, simple designs, and classic beauty. Viking The vast collection of clothes, armour, accessories, shoes and weapon inspired by Viking era.

Fantasy Necklace “Archeress”

Shieldmaiden This is a collection for those who are fierce yet feminine, consisting of everything from armor to accessories. Find your inner Viking and prepare for battle! Renaissance Memories An extensive Renaissance themed wardrobe, including dresses, chemise, apron, shoes, headwear, and accessories. Archeress Beautiful, dangerous and striking, our Archeress Collection — consisting of a dress, chemise, vest, and accessories — is a Renaissance Faire favorite. Paladin Premium materials are combined with sleek design for a perfect collection of practical XV century armour that will take you from squire to paladin.

Hussar An opulent, powerful collection with etched blackened brass and stainless steel, fit for a winged Hussar.

armstreet models

Rome Practical yet handsome Roman inspired designs made from only the best materials, that any legionary would be proud to wear. Dark Star A beautiful and brutal collection of light, strong blackened spring steel armor designed for the female figure.

Moonless Night Dramatic, mysterious and inspired by only the darkest of nights: dresses, coats, cloaks, corset and jewellery. The Kingmaker A truly luxurious set of armor designed with no expense spared. Inspired by the mid-XV century, we have paid attention to fine details to create the ultimate kit for the discerning knight. Gothic knight Generation III gothic armor.

Bird of Prey A transitional XIV century inspired collection featuring stainless steel, a masterful brigandine, and splint made with embossed veg tanned leather. Wayward Knight Blackened collection with brass, enamel, cotton. Labyrinth Whimsical and surprising, this collection features natural textiles and hypnotic mazelike etching, perfect for midday rituals and cool moonlit nights.

Knight of the West A collection of practical, noble clothing and accessories with just a hint of whimsical fantasy. Alchemist's Daughter Inspired by fantasy and infused with a touch of magic, this collection uses natural flax linen, suede, and leather with beautifully etched brass.

King of the East Stunning Eastern-inspired armor and accessories accented contrasting laser-cut brass which makes this set is fit for a king.

Knight of Fortune This 14th century set of armor utilizes our masterful etching techniques and crafting knowledge to create a versatile, historically inspired collection.

How to measure yourself

Prince of the East Reminiscent of tales of Arabian Knights, Persian Princes this collection utilizes brass, steel, and etching to highlight the beauty of Eastern armor.A beautiful and brutal collection of light, strong blackened spring steel armor designed for the female figure.

You should never trust the Dark Star, but learn everything you can from her. With a razor-sharp smile and wit like a cracked whip, fighting her is likely one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences you will ever have. After all, when the world is your student, why do you need a squire?

Our Dark Star Collection is made from super light and strong spring steel, a new material that we have been experimenting with for some time. This magnificent set of female LARP armor has taken countless tests, design interactions and failures in order to get right. We have blackened the whole set, which gives it a historical look and also gives it some protection against rust.

The armor consists of a cuirass, arm harness, and leg harness, along with other additions such as an XV century sallet, gorget, and gauntlets. There is nothing more exciting to us than female armor. As fighters ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to get something that fits properly but still looks amazing and makes you feel strong.

This set is best suited to the female figure, and is fitted, feminine but still brutal and intimidating in design. It is light, comfortable, and ready for battle! We feel that there is nothing more powerful than women in armor. It has been a long time since we worked on a project this ambitious, and we are very excited to present to you the most amazing lady armor you have ever seen!

It has been in the works for many years, and we are very proud of the end result. It has been created with historical armor in mind and has some creative touches that you would expect out of ArmStreet.

Say goodbye to chainmail bikinis — this is the armor that actually covers your body and provides protection from sword strikes. One of the best parts about spring steel is how light it is. Because it is so much stronger than regular steel, armor can be made from much thinner steel, and therefore it is way lighter! Blackening was a technique used historically to protect armor from the dangers of rust and deterioration.

We have replicated this with our spring steel, which has the added bonus of looking absolutely amazing and being truly eye-catching. Tired of wearing the same plain breastplate? This cuirass is sure to impress you! Featuring tons of articulation and plenty of luxurious touches, it truly is the best breastplate you can own. On top of that, it extends lower than most breastplates and is created to better suit the female figure, unlike most breastplates on the market.

There is something truly intimidating about a female warrior in full armor.


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