Citroen cx 25 prestige

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Citroen cx 25 prestige

Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. And if it does not immediately win the unanimous approval of the brand's regular customers, blaming it for its lack of innovation, the CX captivates journalists with its outstanding driving qualities and its comfort. Although criticized in its early days inthe large sedan was a definite commercial success.

The following year, a luxury Prestige version appeared in the catalogue. President Giscard d'Estaing reportedly complained about the lack of headroom once seated in the back. It was replaced in by the XM but still remains to this day an excellent road with very modern comfort.

The model we are presenting is a CX Prestige Turbo 2. Ordered new by a Dijon manufacturer, this car stands out for its white colour. Not present in the catalogue in for the Prestige models, this painting is therefore a special order.

Its odometer has a little less than 69, km, which is certainly its original mileage as the car is well preserved. It has a beautiful white paint combined with a leather interior and beige carpets, all in very good condition and still as comfortable. Mechanically, its 2. Produced in only units, this car with its incomparable comfort and high performance is rare on the market. With a rising price tag, CX Prestige are more and more in demand. Our copy with its particular characteristics therefore deserves your full attention No doubt that amateurs will not be mistaken.

Alle Lose anzeigen. Zahl der Sitze. French registration papers Chassis No.It is silver over black leather. This is the executive limo version of the CX with a spacious back seat complete with footrests and sun visors. It has a 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine running Bosch electronic fuel injection and 5-speed manual transmission. It has the famous hydropneumatic suspension that is more firm than the older DS; the CX corners flat at any speed.

While I'm no expert on the CX, this car was likely a private import - my understanding is that the car has been in Oregon since new. I was unable to find indication it was imported by CXA or another similar entity. It has a clean Oregon title issued in my name, and it recently passed Oregon DEQ emissions test "with flying colors" according to the state testing tech. I've been told I am the third owner. She adored the car as an art object. The second owner an attorney I believe treated the car well, but he put the car into storage in his garage back in I purchased the car from the second owner in - it had been stored indoors for 17 years.

citroen cx 25 prestige

I received some of the prior service records. I performed a number of maintenance items on the car to bring it back to roadworthy condition as detailed below.

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I have driven the car around miles on my daily commute over the past 6 months since getting it back on the road. It runs well, lots of power, quite quick and torquey because of the turbocharger.

1987 Citroen CX 25 Prestige Automatic

The suspension is awesome, soft yet sporty if that makes any sense. My family and friends love the big back seat! While the car is the longer wheelbase model, it isn't really that long by today's standards - I don't have any trouble parking it or maneuvering it around the city. Condition The odometer currently reads 70, miles on the 6-digit odometer which is consistent with the vehicle's history i.

I would say the car is in excellent driver condition, and I'll attempt to describe known issues below. The interior is clean and crisp, the seats show very little wear back seats in particular.

Citroen cx prestige

I have shampooed the carpets and they are in great condition, but there is a tinge of mildew odor which I suspect is coming from under the seats. If I had more time with the car I would pull the seats and clean those portions of the carpet as well. The interior is absolutely fabulous, right down to the single-spoke steering wheel.

At the advice of Citroen experts, I replaced the hydropneumatics spheres and filled the hydraulic system with hydraurincage which will need to be replaced with Citroen green LHM fluid in around more miles new bottles of LHM are included in sale. The hydraurincage is a cleaning agent for the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system operates just fine running hydraurincage, and this cleaner should be run for around 1, miles total in order to get the system cleaned out.

The fluid wasn't terribly dirty when I purchased the car, but experts say it's a good preventative measure to run hydraurincage - so I did. The hydraulics work well, the car goes up and down as it should there are four height settingsthe DIRAVI steering centers itself, and the brakes stop on a 'Franc coin.

Original paint presents well with only an occasional blemish.Citroen CX prestige. Marijan Zuparic. Citroen CX e centinaia di altri modeli di usato, disponibili ora su AutoScout Vicino a casa tua e a prezzi davvero convenienti! It has been launched in The measurements of the automobile are as follows: length - The following 35 files are in this category, out of 35 total. Citroen CX Hatchback, Note: Bill of Sale only.

Citroen Cx Prestige d'occasion

Harris Zetta. Automoto Magazine. January Informationen zum Citroen CX gesucht? Hinzu kamen die Limousine- bzw.

citroen cx 25 prestige

Citroen CX 25 Prestige Turbo 1. Citroen CX Prestige. Citroen CX Prestige received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities.

Citroen CX Prestige 1976

This awesome looking slim-lined CX was spotted in Skopje, Macedonia. Togli dai favoriti Salva l'auto. Cambio Naar de inhoud springen. Citroen CX Club Nederland. Otkupljujemo Citroen CX Prestige modele bez obzira na godistestanje u kome se nalaze, predjenu kilometrazu ili eventualne strane table ili cak odsustvo registracije Citroen CX Prestige. Unfollow citroen cx to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed.

The Citroen CX was a streamlined sedan introduced in and described as a sport limousine. It was the last Citroen before the merger with Peugeot. The Prestige version was used by French.

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Unfollow citroen cx to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. The same year, the CX Prestige was launched, featuring a lengthened body with a raised roof. Inthe injected engine was available in Pallas and Prestige guise, fitted with the C matic. Find the perfect citroen cx prestige stock photo. No need to register, buy now. CHF 16'Sadly, almost none are left- and certainly no diesels.

Sweet looking car. Good article. In the mid-eighties the hp CX 2. Must be the diesel. The CX never had a bigger engine than a 2.

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If I had seen this at the time, I definitely would have bought it… probably would have ended in tears or I would have gone broke trying to keep it on the road, but oh my god, who cares? The privilege of owning something so special would be worth the risk. You guys like broughams. This is the anti-brougham.

Of course these are still running today. That is, in my neck of the woods. I saw a plastic bumper model the other day. I pulled up next to it hoping for a cheerful chat. The beleaguered-looking owner only mumbled about how much trouble it was, impossible to find parts and having to take it off the road sometime soon. Still, it was nice to see it on the road. Knowledge about specific cars and models is out there for free.

Or send an email to a specialist. Yep, I figured that by now anyone still driving one of these around would be in the know, but this guy showed absolutely no pleasure when I wanted to chat. The look on his face haunts me.

Poor chap. The company that imported these was probably responsible for the CX featured in a CC article last year:. Oh yes some CXs are still running. A few CXs are even still in use as daily drivers. My dad had a CX wagon in the early s, it was a no-frills, entry-level Reflex, and a fantastic family car.

Pierrre which is French territory.

citroen cx 25 prestige

This would honor the 20th anniversary of the last French automaker leaving the USA market. The car quickly broke down and was towed by an Escalade through Canada, but the ferry to St. Pierre would not allow a broken down car on the ferry so they towed it back to NYC and junked it there. During the diesel craze of the early 80s emission standards were lower than gas engines. Proberly more in Quebec than elsewhere.

I shot one for the cohort a couple of years back and it aint there no more so one still goes though in all honesty these are quite reliable cars given proper servicing.

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Transverse leveling regulator Superstabilisation Vehicle weight indicator Container lifting system. The Japanese were much more persistent than the French in working around such Yankee nonsense. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.This Citroen CX25 Prestige is reported to have resided in Oregon from new and now shows 70k miles.

Power comes from a turbocharged 2. Servicing in and included replacing all six hydraulic spheres, a new radiator, stainless steel exhaust system, refinished wheels, new TRX tires, and more as described below. This CX25 is finished in silver, and the seller states that it appears the hood was repainted in the past. The seller notes flaws including touched-up rock chips on the side mirrors, some cracks in the plastic bumper trim, and delamination at both lower windshield corners.

The provided AutoCheck is free of accidents or other reported damage. In all six hydraulic spheres were replaced. Per the seller, the LHM in the hydraulic system was drained, and Hydraurincage Citroen-specific cleaner was put into the system approximately miles ago. The car should be driven a total of 1, miles before being drained and refilled with new LHM fluid, which is included in the sale.

Stebel air horns are also equipped. The rear seating area is said to have offered the most legroom of any contemporary passenger vehicle. Per the seller, inoperable items include the air conditioning, power mirrors, central locking remote control key fob, and oil pressure gauge. Damaged plastic covers for the computer keypad area on the dashboard are included. Just over 70k miles are shown on the mechanical odometer. Under the hood is a turbocharged inline-four featuring fuel-injection.

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It sends power through a five-speed manual transmission. According to records the clutch was replaced in at 46k miles. The AutoCheck is accident-free and reports Oregon registration back to September as listed above. The most recent odometer reading was taken in August at 70, miles. A video featuring this CX25 can be viewed below. You're the high bidder. Your bid has been posted in the comment flow on the listing, and you can see other bids there as they happen.

citroen cx 25 prestige

Good luck! If you win the auction, your card will be charged for the service fee and you pay the seller directly for the vehicle. If you don't win, your existing pre-authorization will be released. When you bid we pre-authorize your credit card for the service fee this helps prevent fraud. If you don't win, the pre-authorization will be released. For more info, read about our auctions or email us with any questions.

Are you sure you want to proceed?It was built between and and came with innovative technologies such as the hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system. It was longer than the regular-wheelbase model by some 10 inches 25 cmoffering more legroom in the back.

It actually has the same technology that Citroen licensed to Rolls Royce at one point for the Silver Shadowas proof of just how comfortable of a ride it offered. Instead you have buttons and chunky dials surrounding the single spoke steering wheel.

Citroen cx prestige

Speaking of which, the variable power-assist steering system is thankfully operational, unlike the air conditioning, power mirrors, central locking system and oil pressure gauge. The video below will provide you with pretty much all the angles you want to see this car in, including on-board driving footage.

Should Ford build a Mustang Mach-S electric sports sedan? The fully-electric Nissan Leaf is cheapest to purchase in Spain and weirdly expensive in Argentina. Volkswagen has sold more than three million Caddy compact commercial vehicles worldwide since Skip to content. April 18, at pm. If you want to drive the ultimate four-door coupe, you have no choice but to go German.

There are just two Corvette-based Dodge Viper lookalikes such as this on earth. April 18, at am. All Rights Reserved.Six cylinders??

I was thinking "Only Citroen would design a six cylinder intake manifold with four parallel runners like that! Interesting French transverse front-engine limo with the pneumatic suspension. It certainly does not look like the description with that 4 cyl 2. If memory serves me right, in the 80's, the US import rules were very specific for head lights, and it has a US speedo.

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Seems like a lot when I'd want to switch out the wheels and headlights. The turbo and manual would make for a more relaxed cruiser. I have the NA 2. Buy this car as a paperweight. Or as a work of art. Just sit, and look at the car. Because that's what you're going to do anyways, if you try to drive it. Commenting Commandments: I.

Thou Shalt Not write anything your mother would not appreciate reading. Thou Shalt Not post as anonymous unless you are posting from mobile and have technical issues. Sir Edmund Hillary Clint Eastwood Just pick a nom de plume and stick with it. Thou Shalt Not commit spam. Limit images to no wider than pixels in width. No more than one image per comment please. I hate to be the guy who pooh-poohs all the good ideas around here Its not intrinsically a bad idea Sure, its nice to brag to your friends about your new toy, but maintenance is expensive, constant, and time consuming.

Plus, there is the danger associated with piloting one of these things, maintenance logs, FAA clearance, et cetera Bottom line, you should only buy this car if it is an emotional impulse buy and you can afford it.

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