Gmod adventure maps

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Gmod adventure maps

Gmod Exploration END OF THE WORLD Adventure Map! (Garry's Mod)

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A collection of items created by. Lord Trilobite. Sir Frog. Darkening Demise. Archer [B:F]. Booty Hunter. Danny Judas.

Jakob KingPommes. Ford Prefect[ITA]. Asuka Langley Soryu. Target Practice. Alpha Male. Designated Kitty Fried Chicken. Cheif Kong. Revive Young. Robert Fgt. L'ama Noctara. DELTA 1. Froman Joe. The CHAD of time. CP Unit. Combat Armadillo. Timka Kidala.Minecraft community has developed for a long time. Below is a list of Minecraft 1. Pick one, download it and play solo or play co-op with your friends. You could also add a map to your Minecraft server if you would like to.

Please make sure that you pick the suitable map version for your Minecraft. And do not forget to read the instruction on each page to install the map correctly. Megapolis Map is a building map created by Filipoxin. The map is an incredible work of 3 years from the Time Loop is an adventure map created by Kassar.

City Tunnel Parkour is a parkour map which was created by Foodblex. Try to escape as a Class-D This is modeled like a timed Meatballs is a parkour map created by Bylo4Ka.

Just as players enter the game, we can all agree that Alasdair is an adventure map created by DJ Disco. After waking up from a terrible plane crash, you found The Miness is a puzzle map which was created by Franka The creator a year-old who absolutely loves I present to you the resort island on which the The Flight is an adventure map created by Zahp.

You and your pilot are traveling by plane to Easter Island The rules are simple: Play Black End is a horror map that was created by Nukacho. Void Jumps is a parkour map which was developed by Maiamai. What immediately strikes an impression on B Jumps is a parkour map which was created by BorisSK. Despite what the preview thumbnails may tell you, Cartjumper is a parkour map which was created by Hoppeln. Did you ever want to jump from one minecart Minecraft 1.

Megapolis Map 1.In the Dark Souls video, Acachalla was accidentally thrown into the Dark Souls universe when Gertrude hit him with a crowbar.

gmod adventure maps

Know it seems he is going to extreme lengths to escape the dark souls dimension. Like sending distorted versions of himself to his family as deadly messages. Not only is this a negative experience for the Acachalla family but also other dimensions, as they are beginning to collapse on themselves. Though Papa did manage to escape the 26th dimension to celebrate the Fourth of July, he returned when Gertrude used her crowbar on Papa for hanging his dirty underwear on the fan.

Somehow Papa is now able to go to from the 1st and 27th dimension with ease, and occasionally visits the Dark Souls universe for unknown reasons. As a baby, Acachalla would float around rather than use his legs, much to the disapproval of his fatherwho couldn't get him to say "this is Sparta. During a bore able part of his childhood, Papa claimed to have lived in Zimbabwe where he terrorized the wildlife with a rocket launcher and a machete.

The locals named him "the Great Hunter". Apparently he was the school volleyball champion, leading to him receiving the nickname "Lightning-Fast Acachalla". A group of the most notorious robbers in New Mexico. Because of his family's long life span, the gang outlasted the western days and ended sometime indue to a violent fallout between the members. At school, Acachalla's nemesis was Cleopatrawho managed to beat him at everything. Cleopatra took the role of the rabbit in the stage production of Alice in Wonderlandforcing him to take the lead role.

This rivalry would last long past his war years and middle age. Since they are the only two at the ball, she has to leave in a couple of hours, and he's just been watching Dirty Dancing and thinks he's Patrick Swayzehe decides to teach her to dance.

It works and the spell is broken; however, just as they plan to marry, it transpires that he was already having an affair with Elsa.

When he discovers that Cinderelli's just a "village girl" it turns out that it's opposite day and she's normally a Princesshe is disgusted and throws her out.

He fires a rocket at her, causing her to lose a shoe not to mention the foot that was wearing it at the time. He then travels into the Dream Zone copy of his bedroom, through to a strange ocean dimension, where he challenges the evil mother to a breakdance competition, before demanding to know if there are other maidens in the house.

The mother replies in negative, whereupon the prince proclaims, "I am the prince!

gmod adventure maps

I'm bewiful! He then drives off in a trailer with the mother Gertrude? They then have a contest to decide who is better looking. He runs her over with the trailer, before jumping out and apologizing, telling her he loves her. When she tells him "You're supposed to be charming! Everyone is then killed by a thruster-powered car and a minigun-wielding Papa Acachalla, who refuses to give the slipper back. He turns into a chicken apparently his other life before being killed by a crossbow bolt shot by either Cinderelli or Gertrude.

It then turns out that Elsa is Cinderella and Cinderella is Elsa. This could be a point were the Acachallas became militarized, as the family was very large back then. During this time, Papa went by the nickname Scott for unknown reasons.

He did meet Jonathan Logan and claimed to be his war buddy. It was later revealed that he had fought in multiple wars, including Vietnam and a war with the Gingerians.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. My Minecraft Maps: coldfusionmaps.

Hey Guys and Gals on the Forum! I've created a Doctor Who themed custom adventure map with the use of Command Blocks. You and new companion Oswin can take a trip through time and space, fighting space pirates and visiting an alien planet.

It's a fun little adventure, and I hope you'll like it. If you do, feel free to leave me some feedback. Here are some Screenshots: The Download for Version 1. Note: If anyone is willing to help me add in Zombie Pigmen with armor, it would be much appreciated. Make sure you are playing on easy before loading the map! Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Want a cool Doctor Who themed Adventure Map? Amazing map!!!!!!!! Thanks lildrummabot, glad you're having fun.

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I think I messed up the redstone on that part, I seem to remember a lot of unnecesary wiring hanging around. I'll make a V1. Thanks for the nice comments on the map, glad you enjoyed it. Last edited by hiakrucheese : Oct 12, In version 1. Just thought to say. And the cheats make it easy to Also, it seemed a bit short, but still quite good.You are in luck! Here are 5 of our favorite Gmod maps to get you started on your new adventure! Disclaimer: We do not take credit nor claim ownership to the maps and work shown below.

Jump across city rooftops and explore vast open spaces. The map is perfect for stealthy snipers and ambush campers alike, offering multiple vantage points for hunting down enemy traitors…or preying on innocent civilians. To each his own, right? This map opens up tons of interesting possibilities! RoofTops also features collapsible and destructive structures that can be used to bury your enemies, breakable plank bridges to cut off pursuers and an almost over-powered axe that electrocutes everything it strikes.

The map is a couple years old, but its creator, youmenow1promises that an updated version of the map — 2 years in the making — is coming soon!

Out of the water and into the skies! The ship doubles as a Buddhist Temple with a classic fantasy look and is piloted by Captain Murasa. The Palanquin Ship was originally created for Team Fortress 2, but this unique map works perfectly for Gmod as well. And while the play area is a bit small, the map features a ton of props and buttons that can be grabbed, pressed and interacted with, along with jaw-dropping scenery from high above the clouds.

This Never Lose Hope Hospital map is an atmospheric horror map complete with dark, winding corridors, flickering lights, slamming doors, blood leaking through walls and a TV that continuously screams static. This large hospital map is filled with a huge system of creepy hallways, abandoned rooms, eerie floors, a dark basement and much, much more.

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Never Lose Hope Hospital is a multi-purpose map perfect for any horror role-playing scenarios and ready for editing. The map is also perfect for NPC pathing. The area is large enough for Slender-based gameplay and contains tons of props and interactive objects that can be used for zombie survival. Get ready for some great jump scares!

Anyone who is into Japanese culture especially anime is going to love Akiba. It is an accurate video game map recreation of the a popular district in Tokyo, Japan.

The map features vibrant color shading, tons of neon lights, real shops, anime posters, video televisions, an amazing Otaku shop and a whole lot more.

gmod adventure maps

Akiba is noted for the painstaking detail that goes into creating its unbelievable accuracy. It features a scenic environment, gorgeous landscapes and mind-blowing biulds. The map contains dozens of warehouses and garages, wooded regions, a complete racetrack, a working crane, snowy mountains and a lot more.

There are also 3 hidden vehicles in the map — quite the Easter Egg! The size of this map, along with the beautiful scenery, makes it one of the best maps out there for sandbox gaming. Your email address will not be published. The Palanquin Ship Out of the water and into the skies!

Never Lose Hope Hospital Patched Version This Never Lose Hope Hospital map is an atmospheric horror map complete with dark, winding corridors, flickering lights, slamming doors, blood leaking through walls and a TV that continuously screams static.

Gmod SPACE Adventure Map! (Garry's Mod)

Akiba Anyone who is into Japanese culture especially anime is going to love Akiba. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Search for: Search.Prop Hunt is one of the latest and most entertaining game modes introduced to Fortnite. Tied to Creative Mode, this custom game focuses on one team of players attempting to hide in the environment while others are searching for them. This creates some chaotic and hilarious moments, especially if you have a big group of users.

Since Epic Games is only showing off one map for this mode, we decided to highlight some of the best Prop Hunt maps you need to try. Remember, to activate these maps you will need to load up Creative. This will swap the maps out, allowing you try a different prop hunt level. Now just enter the rift and you will be warped to your map of choice! If you are more of a fan of deathruns, check out our list of the best parkour maps in Creative mode.

Boasting a nice little main street, basketball court, loading dock, gym, and a tiny park, you can easily find new places to hid each map. Items have enough variation to make it difficult to spot something out of place. Yet, the level is small enough to still give the Hunters a decent chance at discovering users hiding in plain sight.

Looking for something a bit spookier? This adds a second layer of danger to the game since you can fall to your death. Every island is full of objects you can disguise yourself as and the time of day makes hunting quite challenging. Hunters have limited ammo, so they will have to be a bit more careful when tracking down props. Remember to use those bounce pads so you can jump from island to island! Perhaps one of the hardest Prop Hunt maps for hunters, Asteroid Arcade is a dark, neon colored maze filled with games and prizes.

There are a ton of items you can disguise yourself as, making it difficult to hunt the props by yourself. However, the open rooms and confined space limits the props ability to move without being seen.

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Consider hiding in the shooting gallery as a target if you want to taunt your opponent! Perfect for big groups, Western World is a desert level that has some entertaining, unique areas to hide.

Despite being pretty big, there is a nice balance of props that rewards smart positioning and use of the environment. There are a lot of places to hide, so it may take a few rounds before the hunters really know what to look for. But, any level that lets you disguise yourself as a dinosaur and not make it obvious is a win in our book. Another favorite, The Villa V2 is a sprawling estate boasting multiple rooms, themes, and items to transform into.

Behind the building are the pool and archery range which offers some clever items to transform into. Great for smaller groups, the Modern Museum is a large building filled with ropes off artifacts and rare treasures. A fantastic mix of big open rooms with limited items to turn into and small stores with tons of potential, Modern Museum is perfect for those who want to put their hiding skills to the test.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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gmod adventure maps

It only takes a minute to sign up. I downloaded GMod a couple days ago, and since then I've been playing it like crazy! I've downloaded gun mods and such, but now I want to play on an addon map from the workshop. They've never shown up the entire time I've had the game Are you sure you downloaded a new map and not someone's saved game?

New maps should automatically show up when you click "new game". Try clicking the "saves" button on the menu and see if what you were looking for shows up. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How to load my GMod addon maps? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 18k times. Brythan 2, 3 3 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. Zaphradious Zaphradious 1 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Welcome to Arqade. Thanks for your contribution.


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